Saturday, February 28, 2009


To me Changez is more than just cocky or arrogant, he seems almost devious in his character. He did live in America for a fair while, and obviously had his brush-ins with the racial tension that is strong there, especially in New York. Yet in his interactions with the mysterious American, he shows a sweet naiveness that is rarely seen. So rare, that it seems unrealistic that Changez is really what he portrays himself to be. But this character flaw aside, he has no reason to lie about anything else to the stranger, which means that he also has a traditional honesty. Which is an interesting combination, and lends all of his words a half and half chance of being incredibly true, or a ridiculous display of his ability to make people believe what he wants them too. Changez's exchanges with Jim, when Jim probed into his character and seemed to get closer to his true personality, Changez did become squeamish. Which could be a result of anyone coming close to discovering his deceptiveness. Or maybe it's just the natural reaction when anyone looks at your life, and your way of living, with a magnifying glass. Another part that is enjoyable of Changez's character, is his charisma and ability to relate to other people. Through his eyes, its easy to see this American, and all of his different reactions to what Changez is saying. It's an interesting portrayal of two different character's, and all that can be done with only words. 


  1. I am very impressed with Changez's ability to relate to the American people. When talking to the mysterious American, Changez makes clear that he understood how the Americans felt about 911 and could see where they were coming from. However, he was strong in being true to his feelings about the situation.

  2. I agree with what you said about his ability to relate to the American people, and personally I can understand his feelings about the situation. I'm not trying to say I agree with them, but it's a nice feeling to try to understand what happened from what most Americans consider the 'bad side'.