Saturday, March 28, 2009

All In All

I really enjoyed this book. I thought I caused a lot of discussion among issues that are currently in the U.S. even though 9/11 is passed. His writing style almost reminded me of McCarthy because it lacked quotations between people and made the reader really engage in what was going on in the story. Changez was also a very intelligent introverted character. I felt as though some of the book was predictable, like Erica and Changez not ending up together and him going back to Lahore, but I felt all that led up to it was still quite intriguing. Also, I loved his integration of both cultures. I know it has been brought up in other blog posts, but I found it astonishing his ability to bring two places into one. The book was filled with forbidden love, foreign engagements, and astounding self-identity. Changez not once lost sight of the man he is and realized all in all, New York was not the place for him. Lahore is and always was his home.

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