Sunday, March 1, 2009


Changez is a very unique and intriguing character. His intelligence and ability to remember little details makes his story interesting and realistic. While I am reading, I can clearly imagine the quaint town filled with restaurants, shops, and the small cafe where Changez and the mysterious American are enjoying the delicious foods of Lahore. I think what makes Changez such a unique character is his personality. The mixture of kindness and strength he contains, makes him a powerful but loveable character. We know that he is not perfect and sometimes is affected by emotions. This side of him is shown when he watches the World Trade Centers collapse and is filled with a feeling of happiness. Changez is not a mean or hateful person but his strong desire to see his country succeed overpowers him and he is unable to think of the many innocent people who lost their lives. This is what I really like about Changez, his ability to express his true emotions and not hide them. I think this quality makes him seem more real in the eyes of the readers. I really admire Changez and his character! His story is so interesting and unique!

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  1. It's fascinating the way you said that you admire Changez, because I never really looked at it that way. But what you said is true! He's very unwilling, in a good way, to compromise his feelings or water them down in any way. In American society that is generally considered a good trait, to be true to what you believe.