Sunday, March 29, 2009


Overall I thought The Reluctant Fundamentalist was a pretty good book! I found the writing to be very unique and very interesting. At first it was hard for me to understand why the author had chosen to use such simple language, but as I got further into the plot I began to agree with the author's decision. I thought the diction fit the story and its information. What I really enjoyed about this book was how the author was able to incorperate so much important concepts and believes into one man's story. Sometimes a book revolves so much around one character's problems that it gets boring and uneventful. But the author was successfully able to balance Changez's problems with problems occuring in the world (like the 9/11 attacks). I really admired the authors ability to do this! What I didn't like about the book was how Changez was the only one describing the story. It occasionally bored me. But what I did like about Changez's dominance over the story was that I could really understand HIS point of view. I read the book because I wanted to learn about Changez, a Pakistani man trying to fulfill his goals in American post 9/11. I didn't pick the book so that I could learn about an American view point! Overall I found this book to very unique and actually really good! At first I wasn't sure I would enjoy the book, but by the end I felt like I really understood Changez and his experience in America.

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