Sunday, March 29, 2009

The End

Overall, I thought that this book was unbelievably unique and is a very important piece for any American to read. Through seeing Changez's feelings, my eyes were opened to the Pakistani view on 911. Yes, I did have some prior understanding, but to see an example of a specific life that was affected, really put the situation in a clear light. Also, I couldn't stop admiring the wonderful and unique writing. The role of the American in the story was very affective as a "non-important" point of view. Also, the story line was very interesting and individual. The role of Erica in the story lead for a different relief from the prejudice. As well as a relief, it gave us a good look at Changez as a character. Hamid did a very good job of showing his audience the important points he was trying to bring forth. This was a quick read, however, I feel as if it wasn't lacking in content. There were hardly any slow moments, in fact it was a constant flow that grabbed you. This book is definately one of my favorite books as of lately and I've recommended it to multiple people lately, and I've only gotten positive feedback (however, I hardly doubt the people I recommended it to would ever tell me if they didn't appreciate it). I think that this piece would be a wonderful summer reading book simply because it raises awareness of the other cultures with relevance to ours. Seeing as this whole year is "devoted" to foreign literature, this seems to me to be a good story. Also, it is a good and quick read that is quite addicting. I really enjoyed this story!

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