Sunday, March 8, 2009


The setting of The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a very important aspect to the plot and also to the discovery of Changez as a character. The setting takes place in New York and Lahore. Both places hold a special place in Changez’s heart. The hustle and bustle of New York inspires Changez to do his best, but also let go every once in a while and have fun. Changez first goes to New York in order to fulfill his dreams of going to Princeton. But he stays in New York, after Princeton, because he feels his hopes for wealth and love can be met. Lahore is the other setting of the book; Changez’s hometown. Lahore, even though very similar to New York, has a totally different effect on Changez. While Changez is in New York, Lahore reminds him of his childhood and of his family. As we see from Changez’s meeting with the mysterious American, Changez is at peace in Lahore and his love for his country is very evident when he describes the beautiful characteristics of Lahore. Even though both settings seem important to Changez, from what I have interpreted, Lahore brings out his true character. Changez doesn’t seem to evoke the true New Yorker. New York is the city that never sleeps and until Erica and Underwood Samson Changez doesn’t really experience all that New York has to offer. But in Lahore, Changez is at ease and seems to be in his element. Even though I think Lahore is where Changez belongs, the fact that Changez is able to love and experience two different cultures is really fascinating and makes me like Changez even more as a character!


  1. Kyra I really like what you said about New York inspiring Changez to do his best. I never thought about it that way, but if a person can inspire someone, why not a city! And if there ever was a city to inspire it is New York. The comparison to what to Lahore does to him is very poignant, and it's interesting that you brought it up. Do you think in Lahore he is really in his element though? He might be more comfortable there, but I think he seems go-getter in New York.

  2. how is lahore and new york similar?